Mad I missed All the Fights Tonight!!!! Im going to try and rewatch the card though!!!! I think I got to start thinking more about who I believe will win?

Hopefully everybody enjoyed the UFC Woodley vs Burns UFC Fight night tonight. I need to rewatch the whole card since had to work but im really looking forward to next weeks card with Amanda Nunes. I just want to say though from what I saw so far it looks like that first exchange where Woodley got the cut over his eye kind of led to how the fight went. But I know Woodley will be back and Im curious to see how Burns does in the future. Between Usman and Masvidal; there are definitely some exciting fights coming in the future.

I also just want to say if my favorite fighter Anderson Silva really fights one of my favorite fighters from this generation it will definitely do good numbers. I just think Anderson having faught Cormier at 205 light heavyweight and then going to fight a former 145 and 155 champ seems crazy but I would still be excited to get to see my favorite fighter and one of my favorites from this generation fighting each other; let alone them actually being on the same card. They should bring that fight to Philly haha.

I also wanted to say something about Kamara Usman calling out Conor when he knows how much weight he cuts to make welterweight and Conor barely makes 170. But Usman is trying to act all big and bad when not only is he an amazing wrestler; something we all know Conor needs to work on, hes huge and is obviosly trying to take an easier fight. Im mean im sorry but like I have said multiple times I like the strikers, counter strikers, ground and pound, non stop movement on the ground looking for the finish somehow. That was why for awhile GSPs fights and Khabibs fights bothered me for example. Just like how Usman beat Woodley by just holding him down on the ground and not looking for some way to finish the fight instead of just holding someone down and winning on points. I mean that still takes skill I just perfer watching different styles of fights. Mainly why it was hard to watch some of Khabibs fights but nothing againts him; dudes got talent and knows how to win and got the job done.

Hopefully I get to see some fights live next week. I will try my best to pick who I think will win when it comes to more of the card as well. Leave a comment down below on who you all have winning next week.

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