I am a 29 year old mma and full contact sports fan; mostly mixed martial arts fan, who has been enjoying and studing the sport for over a decade. I am interested in the sports themselves as well as the history of both the sport(s) and the fighters themselves. I will keep up to date news regarding the mma world; as well as add in some history bout the sport and the fighter or fighters that are the key people involved in the newest headlines in the mma world. As well as including some interesting history that not all fans might know. Sometimes I may my own opinions on certain matters but will make sure tell you when it is my personal opinion. You can post comments and reach me at any of my social medias listed. I want to hear your opinion and if you believe I am wrong CORRECT me in the comments below. As well as if you have any suggestions or want me to answer any questions don’t hesitsate to ask.Anyone who would like to be a part of the blog in anyway let me know and I will send you my personal email. If you would like to support the page in anyway please let me know as well because I take care of and try to keep this site up to date by myself and do not have sponorships or ads. Meaning this site does not make me any money; I truly love the sport of mma and want to make sure that there is a trusted site out there with true info and includes both sides of the stories when available. As well as create a site where any new or newer fans can get some info on the history of the sport and its fighters.

Thank you,

Adam (AJDaBull) S.

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