Sorry For No Post Last Week!!!! I got to be honest missing that card because of work sucked!!!!

I did get to rewatch the fights but knowing the outcomes takes away the suspense and mean MMAs really all about how anything can happen in these fights so when you know the outcome its not as exciting to watch but still it was great card. Again I am missing the fights tonight. I litereally do not even know who is fighting. But hoping I can see the main event live tonight atleast mabye. But my contract is up at the end of June I think so I will be posting regularly for this Fight Island cards for sure. Im extra excited for UFC 251. Hopefully everyone enjoys the fights tonight. I also wanted to say id probably put money on Conor @TheNotoriouMMA McGregor fighting again whether its boxing or MMA in the future he is not actually retired. Just wanted to say that hope everyone is doing good and staying safe. Thank you all for the support.

Categories: MMA

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