Side Gigs: The New Part-Time Job

The days of having to sling burgers and fries at your local fast-food restaurant to make up a gap in your income are long gone. While there’s absolutely no shame in a job in food service, there are plenty of other creative ways to make ends meet, whether you’ve recently lost a job or simply aren’t making enough in your current career. Keep reading for tips.

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What’s Your Side-Gig Superpower?

We all have skills and talents that we can tap into for what we really need: cold, hard cash. Placement explains that you can figure these out by first looking at your roles and experiences and what you did well within the circumstances. If all else fails, simply ask your friends, family, and professional acquaintances what type of job they would call you for over anyone else.

Now Might Be A Great Time To Go Back To School

If you have some money in savings or can cover your living expenses with your current income, now might also be a great time to go back to school to gain or refine skills. Ideally, you can find an online class that lets you earn a certification that makes you stand out in a sea of resumes (more on this in a moment). If your passion lies in information technology, for example, this may help you find more opportunities in IT.

Speaking Of Resumes

Even if you’re only going for a part-time position, you may find the best opportunities by updating your CV and resume. You can utilize a template for either, and you should have no problem finding templates to download and alter with images, pictures, and text. What’s the difference between a CV and a resume? According to Indeed, a resume is a concise summary of your work experience, while a curriculum vitae is a more comprehensive outline of both your professional and educational merits.

Best Part-Time Positions

If you’re looking for something that pays more than minimum wage that you can do on your own time, you will never run out of options. A sign language interpreter, for example, makes around $30 per hour. As a lead generation specialist, you can expect about the same pay. You might also consider a software developer, web designer DJ, or online seller.

Your Entrepreneurial Engagement Awaits

Unless you plan to jump into someone else’s part-time payroll, your side gig will likely put you squarely into the small business owner, freelancer, or contractor category. As a small business owner, you’ll probably form an LLC. As a freelancer, FreshBooks explains that you may work on many different projects all at once. As a contractor, you may focus your energies on one project at a time. Make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into tax-wise, regardless of how you choose to move forward.

Now It’s Time To Market Yourself

If you feel like you’re bragging every time you share your accomplishments, you’re not alone. We often shy away from showcasing our personal and professional best for fear of looking like we are boasting or overly confident. But now is not the time to be coy. You have to market yourself by showcasing your very best work. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you’re looking for side work and to give examples of why they should choose you.

Side gig, part-time job, or entrepreneurship. Whatever you choose, there is money to be made that can help you replace a lost income. From sprucing up your resume and going back to school to deciding which type of part-time job you want to put your skills into, today’s tips are for those of you looking to supplement your savings.

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