Everbody my scedule keeps changing. So I might be missing the fights tomorrow night. But I got my homie Tyrone Woodley winning Tomorrow nights main event!!!! Been watching him since Strikefore!!!!

Im sorry, im trying to keep up with all the MMA news and crazy stuff going on. Between my favorite fighter Anderson Silva wanting to fight Conor McGregor @TheNotoriouMMA haha. I think Silva is too big for Conor though. Just my opinion. But it be crazy to see two of my favorite type and style of fighters go at it in the octagon. I also actually do agree with Daniel Cormier when he put Conor McGregor in atleast the top 5 fighters because he truly did change the sport, achieved a lot of amazing accomplishments that; such as the first to hold two belts at once. As well as all his finishes and wins. As well as I am so happy this fighters are actually getting paid real money now and Conor had a lot to do with that.

But who you guys got winning the fights tomorrow? Let me know in the comments.

Categories: MMA

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