I just really want to apologize to everyone for not posting like I wanted to for the new year. But I am still going back and forth from the doctors and I’m still working on being able to use my right leg normally again. I am not sure if I ever explained what happened. But I actually woke up the Friday before UFC 232 and for hours I could not use my right leg so I went to the hospital. Only to find out somehow I got something called Saturday Night Palsey. Which to be honest still doesn’t make sense since I’m not that type of person but still they say it can actually happen to anybody. I will keep you all posted on how I’m doing also. But another thing that happened; which turns out could have caused the injury with my leg,was somehow my kidney was failing at the same time. So obviously I was freaking out a little after they told me that. But im blessed enough to have an almost perfect fuctioning kidney again. I will be explaining more of my experience on the MMA Historians Podcast on Saturday while my friend and I do a podcast while watching the UFC fights on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to the Tj Dillashaw fight vs Henry Cejuda. Especially since I have a feeling if TJ Dillashaw wins the Flyweight division is kind of over. But I really hope to see you guys there and I’m gonna try and have a live chat so I can talk to you all as well. Also once I am healthy again I am going back to posting as much as I possibly can. I was going crazy without being able to post while in the hospital but I’m praying im back to being health again soon and I can get back to it as soon as possible.

The MMA Historian

Help us create the best possible podcast we can for you all. For example better mics and a better recording area. As well as being able to afford to bring guests out to be on the show. Who knows mabye one of you could be a quest on the show? Anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated and as long as you don’t say otherwise we will make sure to shout you out and thank you personally.

We need your help to get this podcast project of ours moving so we are ready for the new year. We still don't have a real studio to record in yet or any good mics but for the time being we have to use what we have. But we would all really appreciate anything you could do to help make our podcast sound and look more proffesional. You could even end up being a guest on the show if you would like to be.



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