UFC Fight Night 174: Till vs Whittaker on Fight Island

Just wanted to give my opinion and predictions for some of the fights tonight. For one I think its going to be Till, Im thinking Shogun Rua but depends on how Nogueira looks walking in to the octagon tonight, and I believe Gustafsson should get the victory tonight. Mainly depends on if he stops the first takedown attempt or how he reacts to the takedown but still people forget how good Jon Jones is as a a wrestler and Gustafsson did pretty good as far as that went. So we will see. The main fight Im looking forward to though; not because of how exciting it migjt be, is the Shogun Rua vs Nogueira fight because of how long its been since iv seen either of these two fight and I mean they are both Hall of Fame legends already in my opinion. I mean it was Shogun who Jon Jones almost lost his arm to when Jones won his belt all those years ago. It kind of brings back some of those old Pride days to me to since they both fought in the organization. Rua being 2 – 0 against Nogueira; one in the Pride Middleweight Grand Prix quarterfinals and at UFC 190. Most people know the Nogueira brothers for their bjj especially when people bring up the fact that some fighters have their blackbelts from their school but they both have some amazing boxing to go with it. Especially Antonio, and we already know Shogun can do work on the ground so there is a chance that this fight ends up being a crazy back and forth MMA striking match. But who knows. I think they are both coming in there knowing this could be their last fights so I dont see them holding back. Thats another reason why I am excited for this fight. I will probably post more later on today. Usually I try to tell where the fighters are at at the weigh ins but theirs no way to tell with how things are right now. But either way heres for hoping for some great fights and exciting fight tonight. Let me know in the comments what you all think and your predictions for tonight.

The MMA Historian


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