UFC 247: Jon Bones Jones vs Dominick Reyes & Shevchenko vs Chookagain

Will Jon Jones make history or will Reyes pull off the upset?

I want to know what you all think. I think this has a great possiblity for an exciting fight and after the Conor vs Donald fight and this fight I feel my excitement and motivation coming back as well my interest in UFC fight cards coming back. Especially with the card coming up with Schevchenko vs Chookagain and Jones vs Reyes. I’m exciting to see what both this amazing champions can do and they both have great competitors and tests coming up this weekend. I will try to have my picks for the winners up after the weigh in. I still feel like how the fighters look at the weigh in can tell you a lot about the state of the fighters.

Who do you guys got? Two possibly horristorical fights this weekend!!!!

Sorry for the long lapse between posts everyone been working on getting back into the work world. Once I get back in the swing of the things I’m going to put a lot more effort into this website. I’m going to make it my goal when I start working again to make sure I have atleast a post per week so I will work on this website every weekend. So here’s to hoping I find a job soon!!!! But I just want to say this fight actually has me some what excited to watch a Jon Jones fight again. Not that hes not one of my favorite fighters, just his last couple fights have not been that exciting and I didnt see the fights that much of a competion for @JonnyBones but this fight seems to be a pretty good matchup. Atleast compared to his past couple opponents. But I have to say now if @JonnyBones wins this fight; especially if he wins in devastating fashion, he will become the GOAT. If he can win this fight the light heavyweight division has no competition left so I believe he would have to or should move up to heavyweight division. With that said I believe he can win a lot of fights against the top 5 heavyweights especially since he has a win over one of the other future HOF fighters Daniel Cormier who I have been watching since Strikeforce and before the Jones fight he was in the running for GOAT figther in my opinion especially if he ended up winning the right against Jones. But just want to say I’m excited for this fight coming up and think there is definitely a lot of good fights on the card this time so it’s not just all about the main event; which the UFC I feel has been messing up for awhile now. Obviously besides their last PPVs of the year because thats always a given.

I do want to say though it was awesome to have a Conor McGregor fight on January 18. If you don’t know; now you know Haha, but my birthday is on January 28 and Conor seems to always fight sometime near my birthday so it’s a gift for me to get to watch my favorite fighter fight, I’m not a bandwagon fan, I just like the strikers who go out their to finish as well as the cocky counter strikers. As well as fact that I don’t care what anyone says Conor helped bring more money to the sport and the UFC and the fighters are finally getting better pay. Which I had I huge problem with before when my other favorite Fighter Anderson Silva made 1 million off a huge fight; I think it was one of the Chael Shonnen fights, and you were seeing boxers making 10 million plus a year and at one point it was Silva and Jones who were bringing in the fans and the money before my dude Conor showed up. So hes one of the best things that happened to the sport in awhile in my opinion. But getting to see him get that victory was awesome and seeing him back in the winning column was good. I’m excited to see who he fights next especially with how stacked the welterweight divison is right now and all the great match ups they could have. Between Conor McGregor @TheNotoriouMMA and @stylebender Israel Adesanya I think the UFC has two stars ready to go for 2020 and I believe some other new prospects coming up in the game as well such as @Nikohybridprice Niko Price coming up in the welterweight division as well. If you can’t tell my favorite fighters are usually strikers and/or fighters looking for the finish. Conor is also one of my favorites because we were the same size and we are both left handed until he went up to welterweight Haha. But I’m hoping for an exciting 2020 for the MMA world and an exciting positive growth for my life and self as well. Hoping to get back in the work force and to getting my motivation back to put more work into this website. I still want to add some gaming videos as well when I can upgrade my plan. Happy New Year; extra late I know haha, and I hope you all have amazing positive growths in your life is well.

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Did not realize my microphone was not recording; but how bout that crazy legendary pull!!!! In the future I will have a atleast my microphone recording, still working on figuring out the setup and making sure everything is able to be uploaded here.
Dragonball Legands: Summons & Gameplay
Some hints to what my gaming content will be!!!! Their will be other games as well and any games you guys want to see just let me know.




Some Call of Duty Mobile!!!!
Just some clues. Haha Been playing since the Madden Mobile game came out; check out that founder’s logo!!!! My Madden Mobile team is on point!!!!

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