Health & Life Update

I just wanted to give everybody another update. Soo… I actually walked out of my Neurologists with a smile on my face. After 11; no joke 11, blood tests to check everything from b12, creatine, etc… Including a bunch of words, I probably don’t pronounce right haha. They ALL came back clear; I’ll be honest I was shocked when he said that. So instead of having to schedule another EMG like he was talking about at our last visit; he decided that he doesn’t have to see me again for 6 months, I think sometime in March. Thank GOD!!!! So after I no longer had to see my neuro every two weeks while having to get something done before seeing him; I made sure to make an appointment with my primary doctor. He also said that he’s happy to see I’m walking and to see the same info the neuro was seeing. So I apologize I wanted to do an update earlier but I wanted to be able to talk to the primary doctor too before doing so. I also walked out of my primary doctor’s office with a smile on my face too haha. He said that he’s thinking about letting me go back to work. I’m not sure if I ever explained this, but this whole time I needed a note signed by my primary doctor to go back to work because he is the one that made it so I’m not eligible to work just yet. So hopefully soon I can get back to work and be able to put more money into this website. I think I said this before but I could only afford to buy my domain name this year. Last year I was actually able to buy the premium WordPress plan but I’m probably going to buy the business plan; when I can afford it, this time so I can add more plugins to the website too. But so far things are definitely getting better and my doctors believe so too so my mindset will be a lot better then it was when I could barely get out of bed without a walker or cane from Dec 28, 2018, to the second week of July 2019. Now that it’s October my leg still has some healing to do as well as putting more weight on muscle on my right leg; the leg I could not feel on Dec 28, 2018, as well as I definitely lost a lot of weight this past year that as soon as my leg feels good enough to start running I’m going to start a nutrition and work out plan that will start hopefully in a few months. So yes I still have some work to do but things are looking good and I’m definitely can tell my mood and mindset is changing for the better, I have pretty much been an optimistic person in my life, and I can feel my optimistic look on life starting to come back. So that is definitely a good sign.

Especially after the past as well as most of this year; all the things that happened that I mainly could not control happened. Having a smile on my face is definitely a plus. I do not know how many of you know but during 2017 my older sister; by 10 years, got very sick to the point where had she not been airlifted to Temple Hospital the doctors were telling my family to say our goodbyes. After she made it to Temple during the beginning of 2018 I had to leave my job because my sister is more important; especially since she practically raised me and is my best friend. My hours we’re taking time away from being there for her so I had no choice.

Moving forward my Grandfather died the day the Eagles won the Superbowl. So my family; not including my sister, went to his funeral in Florida and me being the only grandson in the family I received the honor of his USA Flag since he served in the Army during World War II as a soldier that survived the Battle of the Bulge. If you do not know anything about the Battle of the Bulge it was a key battle as well as one of if not the deadliest battle during World War II. He was drafted and a foot soldier too and he is the only one that survived during the battle out of his whole platoon who were taken out by some artillery shells.

So after the three-day trip to Florida, we got home and I remember coming home and going to see her in the hospital bed that they brought over for us; we actually painted, cleaned, put a new rug down, etc… before they moved her from a hospice to our home. I wish I would have known that I only had 3 days left with my sister and best friend on this earth but I feel like I was trying to stay optimistic and think she’s going to get better and we will go for our joy ride like we used too. I also think I might have been unconsciously protecting without knowing. But when she passed on I pretty much lost it. Trust me someone took a picture of a bunch of us and one of my ex, you can tell I’m obviously not in the right frame of mind. I’m not saying I’m even close to over losing my sister now but I’m better then I was. “Do something that makes you better today than yesterday”. Haha One thing that has definitely been helping me is knowing that she is finally out of pain because she was in some serious pain the last couple of months. So I’m just happy she is finally out of pain, but I, of course, wish we had more time and been there more for her especially towards the end. I was being selfish I think because sometimes leave the room because I could not handle seeing her in pain with all this stuff hooked up to her. I still don’t understand why they took her off all of her pain medicine those last couple of months. It just made things worse for her. I might still be really mad at the doctors who decided to take her off of everything. These dudes did not have to watch or listen to screaming in pain almost 24\7.

The reason I even made this website was to try and get away from everything I was trying to deal with. Especially since my sister Jenna was the person I always went to for help with everything. It’s hard to even buy clothes or shoes because she was always there with me. But I no longer have my sister and best friend to go too. So I decided to make a website and try to learn some new skills to try and keep my mind off of everything.

My sister Jenna passed on February 23, 2018. Some people were trying to force me to go back to work right away but I’m sorry I just was not ready and luckily at the time I had some money saved up since I have been working since I was 14 doing carts at Acme. But I told myself I would give myself until the new year to go back to work. I figured that would give me enough time to get my mind right and be able to work again. But then on December 28, 2018, I woke up not being able to feel my right leg and ended up in ICU because my kidney was failing as well. I’m pretty sure I already talked about all this in the updates.

So okay now after all the other health updates, I have posted in the past, I think we are all caught up now. So I’m going to stay positive and keep working towards my goals of continuing to work on my leg and weight; my first goal right now is to be able to jog or run, as well as hopefully get the paperwork signed so I can go back to work and I can put more time and money into this website, as well as finally start our podcast like I was supposed to on December 29, 2018 with the Jones vs Gustaffson 2 fight. So I will continue to post health & life updates; hopefully, more positive ones from now on. I know this post is extra long so if you actually read this whole post let me know by liking the post or commenting #themmahistorian. Haha, thanks again everybody for your patience and the MMA posts is on there way now that I can focus more on the MMA world then fully on my health the way I was. I have still been watching and trying to keep up but I was not focused enough as well as motivated to post when I felt pretty down and was having health problems that I needed my full attention on.

Now we can finally get back to more positive posts and hopefully, I can find a way to change my plan from the free plan soon so I can do a lot more with this website such as the podcast, plugins, merchandise, etc… Also if anyone had ideas for the future to help us; whether it’s health-wise or future of the website or career ideas etc… just let us know. We could still use some extra authors etc… You can now also email me directly at:

If you would like to donate Pay Pal link below. Anything would really help and we would truly appreciate it. Thank you!!!!


So here’s to Optimism and Positivity and being a Better Person then you were Yesterday. There some more post coming in the future that is actually about the fighting world and not my health don’t worry. Thanks again, everybody. We are #Blessed!!!!

The MMA Historian

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