(HEALTH UPDATE) We Are Truly Sorry Everybody For Still Having Not Posted Lately. But We Will Still Be Back Soon!!!!

We just wanted to explain the lack of posts and also report my health update. Today I am going to be getting an EMG test on my right leg so that we can finally know what’s going on. I was hoping to be healthy again by now since this all started on December 28, 2018 when I had to spend New Years in the Hospital and missed the Jon Jones fight on the 29th that I wanted to start my podcast with. But after seeing the neuro he scheduled this EMG for today. After 7 MRIs, xrays, etc…; I am hoping and praying for some positive news. I truly apologize for not posting I really have wanted to but have not be able to. Also not being able to work for the last 5 months now is not helping. I could not afford to renew my Premium membership with WordPress. I’m not sure what I can do now here, but I will find out. Luckily I had enough to buy my domain name for another year though so The MMA Historian will live on atleast. But again apologize for the lack of posts. I’m praying for some good news today after this EMG. I will keep guys posted though. Thanks again for all the support everyone it means a lot.

The MMA Historian

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