Just A Quick Update:
I apologize for not posting in a while everybody. Most will know I am an American and July 4th is a big holiday, or very important day for Americans historically and is a time we really like to celebrate Americas independence and spend time with family. I did continue to right new posts and they will be out shorty. I also was waiting for Cormier to win the Heavyweight title because I was pretty much sure it was going to happen. Iv been watching this man grow since his Strikeforce days and couldnt be prouder of the Champion he has become. As well as getting to see Israel get the Ultimate Figter Contract that I knew he would. Especially since from the sounds of it the Ultimatle Fighter show is over now and I grew up watching this show since Forest and Bador put on one of the best fights I have ever seen. If it were not for this fight I probably would not have the passion I have for MMA and the community. Since before it was so hard to even see a Mixed Martial arts event. Again I apologize guys new posts to come very soon in the future. Shout Daniel Cormier proving me right and showing how truly talented I always new he was.
The MMA Historian

Help The MMA Historian & His Family!

After a tough couple of months it's been hard for my family and I. I have not had motivation to post after losing my sister but starting in June I will back. You could really help my family and help our financial situation and also give me more time to post as well as post better blogs as well.


Help Me Afford to Finish this Project and Make Better Content for You

I created pretty much this whole website on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I was surprised that I was actually able to. Eventually I was blessed to recieve a laptop to go back to college. Little did I realize that I could not do everything I needed to make this website the way I have envisioned it. A new laptop would be to expensive so I'm going to save of for parts. For right now I am doing the best I can on the laptop and a new Samsung Note phone after my Note 4 just would not stay on anymore. Anything that you could do would be greatly appreciated and I will make sure to publicly thank you if it is okay with you. As well incorporated somethings like patreon does but I will give you more freedom or asking what you would like or like to see just nothing over the cage of your know what I mean haha. But thank you ahead of time. P.S. Anything would truly help. Again number 4 is my lucky number so I started there. But I have another one that is practically the same thing just older that will come with all the same benefits but starts at the lowest they allow me too at $1.00. The MMA Historian



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