Congrats DC!!!!

I just want to congratulate Daniel Cormier on his victory over Stiope and winning the UFC Heavyweight title like I knew he could. I have watched this man grow from his Strikeforce days to now being in the conversation of being one of the GOAT. It is truly amazing and I do not know if this could have happened to a more genuine nice guy.I know a lot of people seem to forget him knocking out Heavyweights in Strikeforce but the man has power. Now, this is why I believe that Brock Lesner stands no chance against Cormier. Brock Lesner cannot out Wrestle an Olympian and he obviously has the power to knock guys out as well. Do I want to see the Jon Jones fight, to be honest, no. There really isn’t any point in my opinion. Cormier has now accomplished more than Jon Jones has and does not have to prove anything to anybody. I’m hoping after Lesner he retires unless he really wants the Jon Jones fight. Which I still believe Cormier will always have that chance of beating him, but I believe it would just tarnish both their legacies in the end. I just want to congratulate Daniel Cormier on an impressive victory and look forward to his fight with Brock and hope he decides that he retires afterward. People forgot how young Jon Jones is and how much time he has left to prove himself. Cormier already said he only has one maybe two fights left in him.I still believe that after Daniels victory last night he cemented his Hall of Fame and one of the GOAT MMA fighters to get in that Octagon. Especially after he beats Brock Lesner, the same way his teammate Cain Velasquez did in the past.
The MMA Historian
PS: I really recommend watching some of Cormier’s old Strikeforce fights and comparing them to his UFC fights to see how much he has truly grown as a fighter.


Help Me Afford to Finish this Project and Make Better Content for You

I created pretty much this whole website on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I was surprised that I was actually able to. Eventually I was blessed to recieve a laptop to go back to college. Little did I realize that I could not do everything I needed to make this website the way I have envisioned it. A new laptop would be to expensive so I'm going to save of for parts. For right now I am doing the best I can on the laptop and a new Samsung Note phone after my Note 4 just would not stay on anymore. Anything that you could do would be greatly appreciated and I will make sure to publicly thank you if it is okay with you. As well incorporated somethings like patreon does but I will give you more freedom or asking what you would like or like to see just nothing over the cage of your know what I mean haha. But thank you ahead of time. P.S. Anything would truly help. Again number 4 is my lucky number so I started there. But I have another one that is practically the same thing just older that will come with all the same benefits but starts at the lowest they allow me too at $1.00. The MMA Historian



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