STITCH FIX: Your Own Personal Stylists

Just click the link above and your first service fee is on me.

Have a special event coming up such as a date or wedding? Or you just need some new stylish clothes? Why not have a professional stylist pick them out for you. You give them all the information you want to let them know what type of clothes fit your style and they will send them to your front door. If you don’t like something you send it back in a free prepaid bag in the box.

I personally use this service and I really enjoy it and if you do not end up liking any of the clothes just send like back for free and explain to them why you did not like the clothes so they can try and match your style next time. I would not promote something I have not tried it enjoyed it myself. It actually felt like opening up a present on your birthday or something. So I enjoyed the experience of the whole process as well.

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