Please stop with all this paper interim championships that you are giving away like candy. But you take away Max Holloway’s real title for getting injured fulfilling his press duties; while Khabib Nagamedov couldn’t make weight and was sent to the hospital the day before the fight. Your supposed to make fights all this press BS is extra. All you did is made sure you make more money off Conor McGregor after you turned a little over $100,000 back in 1993 INTO $4.2 Billion dollars. While most of your fighters are not even making 6 figures a fight. You guys wonder why your champions do not get the praise the used to. Come on UFC. Your still my favorite current MMA organization but your are starting to anger and confuse people. Just like you don’t give enough credit to one of the GOATS, your Flyweight Champion, Demetrius Johnson. Do people forget he faught Frankie Edgar and all the other lightweight division legends at his size come on. Pay that man, at the very least show him some love for fighting for your company for so longgg!!!!

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