THE MMA Historian Will Be Returning in June!!!!

I truly want to apologize for not being as active as I have wanted to be. But after losing my sister I had to take a break and get my mind right. But in June I will be posting more then ever and I really hope you forgive me and enjoy my future content to come. As well as continue to support and be apart of the MMA Historian’s family.

Thank You Everyone For Your Support!


I love you Jenna! I know you would want me to continue to work towards my dream and continue working on my passions and towards my goals. I miss you so much. You were my sister, best friend, and mother more than probably wanted to be haha; but I will find away to make you proud sis.

To the greatest sister and bestfriend in the world! Love You!!!!
Jenna (My Sister & Best Friend) and I at a Philly’s game. Love you

Training courses in marketing and web design; and donations to help keep the website alive.

I offer training courses at very fair prices, just message me below for more info. Donations: If you are willing to help me continue to pay for and help the brand grow. It would really mean a lot and of course you would get a shout out and other related content in return.


Help The MMA Historian & His Family!

After a tough couple of months it's been hard for my family and I. I have not had motivation to post after losing my sister but starting in June I will back. You could really help my family and help our financial situation and also give me more time to post as well as post better blogs as well.



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