DragonBall Z Dokkan Battle & Other Mobile Games I Play!

I have created a site page under the menu button where I will start posting gameplay and screenshots of some of the games I like to play. But want to get you guys involved too. So if you want post some gameplay videos or images just let me no and I will make sure to add them and make sure people know that it was yours so that you are credited. Just let me know and let me know what think about this idea below. I figure this way there be some other content for people as well as some videos for people to watch as well as make it so people can also be a part of this site. I’d like to be able to not only grow this site but also get some other people involved as well.

THE MMA Historian Gamer haha

Help The MMA Historian & His Family!

After a tough couple of months it's been hard for my family and I. I have not had motivation to post after losing my sister but starting in June I will back. You could really help my family and help our financial situation and also give me more time to post as well as post better blogs as well.






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