TODAY [October 11 1997] in MMA History: The Creation of Pride Fighitng Championship (FC)

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The opening music for Pride FC. Citation -Twitter: @MMAHistotyToday

In Pride Fc’s first ever main event the legend Rickson Gracie faced the most famous Japenese Pro Wrestler at the time Nobuhiko Takada. Known as a pro wrestler who would actually knock out his opponents even though they were meant to be works. At the time Japenese Pro Wrestling wanted to be different then there western competitors, so they made their bouts more realistic and did not throw as many “show” punches or moves. Instead going for the more brutal and realistic bouts that included wrestlers such as Takada actually knocking out his opponents for example.  They wanted make sure that their wrestlers were looked at as real fighters and they would offen do so by putting their wrestlers against proffessional boxers and sumo wrestlers etc… Now they were going to have a real fight with very old school mma rules; compared to todays standards atleast, where Takada would face Rickson Gracie in a no hold barred mma match where pretty much everything is legal besides below the belt shots. At the time Gracie was already a legend and believed to have 100s of victories and no loses in real fights. Even if a lot of these victorys were not proven it was used as a marketing ploy to help build up the fight and show off the legendary prowess of Gracie and Gracie Brazillian Jujitsu style of fighting. It was Grappling genius and undefeated fighter versus Japans most famous Pro Wrestler. Even though the Japanese fans knew that Gracie was going to earn another victory; they were still disappointed when Gracie quickly won the bout with an armbar. After Takada demanded a rematch and was giving one, but again he still lost but lasted a bit longer in the ring with the legend Rickson Gracie at  Pride 4 on October 11, 1998. Again losing by armbar in the first round. But after the first Pride FC event mma began its path towards becoming the fastest growing sport in the world the way it is now in 2017. With the UFC first event on November 12, 1993 and the new addition to the mma world, Pride FC, mma was on a the right path towards creating a very popular and amazing new full contact sport that we all watch and love today. Pride FC helped introduce the world to many of the big names and hall of fame fighters we know and love today. Such as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Anderson “The Spider” Silva, Dan Henderson etc…

One thing that I truly believe deserves more attention and praise is the commentator and legendary fighter Bas Rutten. One of my favoritr fighters of all time and whos commentary during the Pride FC fights was entertaining enough let alone all of the amazing fights that were going on at the time. I still hope that one day they will let Bas come back and do some commentary for a UFC ppv because I believe him and Joe Rogan would be a great team. Especially when you combine all of Bas and Rogan’s fight IQ’s and personalitys would be amazing. Another recomendation for some fights to watch besides just going back at watching some old school Pride events; would be watching all of Bas Ruttens fights especially if you follow the link below to his youtube page. Where Bas actually talks over his fight footage and adds his own commentary to his fights. He goes very in depth and I found watching his videos to be a little bit addictive.

Official Bas Rutten Youtube Channel:

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