My Prediction for Tonights Main Event

UFC 243

Just so everyone knows the only reason i said anything about Silva vs Franklin was to say how @stylebender is like Anderson Silva was in that fight. When Silva was in his prime and first won the midfleweight championship. I’m saying Israel is like Silva was in his prime. Hes hungry, precise, and unpredictable. If you have not seen the fights between Silva Vs Franklin watch them; especially the first one, and you will understand what I’m saying. Rich Franklin is and will always be a legend and the BMF teacher of all time Haha.

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So here’s to Optimism and Positivity and being a Better Person then you were Yesterday. There some more post coming in the future that is actually about the fighting world and not my health don’t worry. Thanks again, everybody. We are #Blessed!!!!

The MMA Historian

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