Jon Jones Tests Positive Again: Drug was still in his system from his last failed test!

USADA has already come out to clear Jon Jones of any wrong doing and stated how low the amount of metabolites were found. In my opinion this is not favoritism or Jon cheating. It is possible to have certain drugs linger in your system for very long time. I am just getting tired of all the clickbait articles about this issue. He will fight on Dec. 29 against Alexander Gustafsson as planned but in Los Angeles and not the planned venue in Las Vegas. I don’t no about everyone but I’m really excited to see this fight and have been waiting years to see it. I still believe Alex is the only fighter in the UFC that can even give him a run for his money. If Jones wins this fight, especially in dramatic fashion he has to go back to being on the list of best fighters in the world alongside my favorite Anderson Silva in his prime. I can not wait for this fight to finally happen and I really hope that in the new year the UFC and its new owners can get there stuff together as well as some of the fighters so that we don’t continue to have canceled cards or non stop changes to fights and events like we had all year. I wish all the fighters on this card Goodluck especially the main event fighters. This fight could put Jon Jones back on top in my opinion if he wins; and if Gustafsson wins he would become the top dog himself. It puts the light-Heavyweight Division and the Heavyweight Division back in the limelight because both fighters could easily fight in Heavyweight Division as well. Let’s just hope for a successful end of 2018 event for the UFC. I know I’ll be happy when this year is over.


The MMA Historian

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