THE CHAMPION WITH ONE WORKING EYE: Saying Goodbye To One of the GOAT MMA Figthers & Former UFC Ultimate Fighter Winner & Middleweight Champion

First off Congratulations to Michael “The Count” Bisping on an amazing MMA career. I know their are a lot of people that do not like Bisping, but his MMA resume speaks for itself. From winning the Ultimate Fighter as a Heavyweight to start his UFC career to his reign as the UFC Middleweight champion of the world with wins and amazing fights against some legends as well as a win against the greatest UFC Middleweight Champion of all time, and UFC legend and my favorite fighter of all time known to many as the GOAT MMA FIGHTER; Anderson Silva. This man also faced off against another fighter believed to be the GOAT in his last fight of his career , even though he lost his belt to him; George “Rush” St. Piere, he will forever be known as a technical genius in the octagon and out and I wish him nothing but the best in his future; whether it’s being a broadcaster or his life in general. MICHAEL “THE COUNT” BISPING will always be a UFC legend.

TO BE Continued….

Wanted to get a post out there, even though I started it but did not finish going over this man’s remarkable career in the sport and outside the sport.

The MMA Historian

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